The “Winners of Tomorrow Fund” was launched in 2014 in partnership with the charity SportsAid, to enable the next generation of British athletes to achieve their potential by giving them financial support and recognition during the critical early years of their careers.

SportsAid ensures the right people get the right help at the right time by working with the governing bodies of 66 sporting disciplines – including winter, summer, Olympic, Paralympic and other sports. The athletes supported by the Winners of Tomorrow Fund are typically aged 15 to 18 and are among our brightest hopes for future Olympic and Paralympic success.

The awards help aspiring athletes to train harder and compete more effectively so they can progress up to the senior and/or international level of their sport. At this point many go on to become Olympians and Paralympians. It is at this critical, early stage in their sporting careers that funding is often hardest to come by, with most relying on their parents and families alone.

MyLotto24 aims to support at least 50 athletes annually in as broad a range of sports as possible, across the nation.


Winners of Tomorrow Athletes

Abbie Hampshire – Para Swimming

Akash Tuqir – Boxing (was also supported in 2016)

Alexander Farquharson – Athletics

Alexandra Travers – Cricket

Amber Loughlin – Wheelchair basketball

Amy Monkhouse – Cycling

Angus Flanagan – Golf

Annabell Fuller – Golf

Aristot Benz-Saloman – Rugby union

Bronwen Jenkinson – Athletics

Charlotte Curtis – Netball (was also supported in 2016)

Charlotte Hayward – Short-track speed skating (was also supported in 2014, 2015 & 2016)

Danielle Semple – Rowing

Ella Wyrwas – Rugby union

Ellesse Oates – Gymnastics

Emily Bearpark – Diving (was also supported in 2016)

Emily Bryant – Archery (was also supported in 2016)

Felix Drinkall – Rowing

Hannah Featherstone – Swimming

Hannah Roberts-Straw – Sailing

Hector Pardoe – Swimming

Henry Wakes – Judo (was also supported in 2016)

Jamal Jakeman – Disability football

James Chantler Mayne – Triathlon

Jessica Eadsforth-Yates – Basketball

Joaquin Bello – Volleyball

Joe Burns – Cycling

Jonathan Benz-Saloman – Rugby union

Jonathan Dunn – Wheelchair basketball

Jonty Russ – Badminton

Joseph Clark – Table tennis

Josh Cook – Snowboarding

Joshua Williams – Wheelchair rugby

Kate Waugh – Triathlon (was also supported in 2014, 2015 & 2016)
Khai Riley-Laborde – Athletics (was also supported in 2014, 2015 & 2016)

Kieran Harby –  Modern pentathlon

Kyle Finch – Squash (was also supported in 2015 & 2016)

Lily Wolstenholme -Hockey

Lizzie Tolman – Badminton

Micah Savery-Richards – Basketball

Millie O’Neill – Boxing

Molly Summerhayes – Skiing (was also supported in 2016)

Niamh Charles – Football

Paige  Murray – Disability athletics

Peter Riches – Short-track speed skating

Rebecca Kemp – Disability football

Reece Goodwin – Disability athletics (was also supported in 2016)

Rhys Northover – Gymnastics

Thomas Sorsby – Hockey

Yasmin Javadian – Judo


Adam Knott – Goalball
Akwasi Yeboah – Basketball
Alexandra Hartley – Cricket
Alice Handy – Hockey
Alistair Leivers – Cycling
Amber Barton – Equestrian
Aneila Afsar – Taekwondo
Angel Beckford – Volleyball
Annabel Bailey – Golf
Andrew Grant – Triathlon
Andrew Morris – Judo
Angus Gillams – Squash
Becky Menday – Snowboarding
Ben Lane – Badminton
Billy Shilton – Para Table Tennis
Brittany Horton – Swimming
Charles Fryer-Stevens – Wheelchair basketball
Charles Thurston – Rowing
Charlie Wright – Rugby union
Charlotte Harbottle – Wakeboarding
Ciaran Pryce – Wheelchair rugby
Conor Bean – Shooting
Danica Brazier – Waterpolo
Daniel Hunt – Waterpolo
Daniel Ogoro – Basketball
Daniela Lozzi – Basketball
Danielle Opara – Athletics – Throws
Devon Holt – Rugby Union
Ellena Perry – Rugby union
Emily Bolton – Table tennis
Emily Edgcombe – Cricket
Emma Dolan – Boxing
Emma Witherford – Canoeing
Esme Lower – Synchronised Swimming
Euan Dickson-Earle – Athletics
Fiona Turnbull – Cycling
Frank Longstaff – Cycling
Gabriella Marshall – Netball
Georgia Carslaw – Disability Gymnastics
George Lawton – Rowing
Giles Moore – Disability football
Grady Jackson-Fayle – Lacrosse
Gwilym Pari – Weightlifting
Hanna Tarver – Athletics – 800m
Harriet Knowles-Jones – Athletics
Harrison Coulter – Swimming
Harry Bird – Fencing
Heidi Long – Rowing
Hollie Olding – Football
James Gall – Hockey
Jessica Pugh – Badminton
Jimmy Smith – Boxing
Joe Cemlyn-Jones – Gymnastics
John Slater – Swimming
Jordan Hull – Triathlon
Josh Clark – Disability Athletics
Joshuah Hill – Athletics – High Jump
Kathryn Christie – Athletics
Kieran Tscherniawsky – Disability Athletics
Liam Hilliar – Rugby Union
Louisa Brunt – Golf
Lucy Glover – Rowing
Maddie Thompson – Wheelchair basketball
Madeleine Crompton – Swimming
Milly Smith – Volleyball
Milo Gill-Taylor – Sailing
Molly Long – Athletics
Myles Pillage – Modern pentathlon
Natalie Child – Fencing
Oliver Bromby – Athletics
Olivia Hussey – Boxing
Olivia Spellman – Judo
Olivia Wimpenny – Lacrosse
Pfeiffer Georgi – Cycling
Pravin Sunwar – Taekwondo
Rhianna Stoves – Cycling
Richard Allen – Cycling
Sarah Collin – Modern Pentathlon
Sarah White – Diving
Shannon Malone – Athletics
Sonny Webster – Weightlifting
Sophie Baggaley – Football
Sophie Hankin – Netball
Struan Caughey – Archery
Tobias French – Volleyball
William Fortnam – Para Archery
William Tidball – Cycling
Yvonne Chart – Fencing


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